History of ABCM

In March 1975 the Audit Bureau of Circulations was incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act.
Its creation was the result of the efforts of a working committee that comprised representatives of the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) and Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) 1stN 4ever.
The Task
To obtain accurate circulation figures for all printed media vehicles that sell advertising space and to obtain information on the areas of distribution.
To establish standard formats and methods for ascertaining the net sales figures for all printed media.
To obtain accurate information on viewership/ownership of other media, such as cinema and television subscription, and to establish a standard method in obtaining the information.
To obtain such other information in respect of printed media as may be necessary to enable an advertiser to properly estimate the value of the media for advertising purposes.

Choosing The Best Sengkang Singapore Locksmith

Whenever you find yourself having some sort of an issue with locks, there are a number of locksmiths that can be found nearby in the Sengkang Singapore area that will be able to give you the services you need. For both financial and quality reasons, it is crucial that you are able to choose the right locksmith Sengkang which is in the Northeast region of the country to get the job done. These are some of the top tips that you should take into consideration:

– What services will you be needing? The first order of business will be to decide on the kind of service that you will need. Your locksmith will be able to take on a number of different services that include the installation of mechanical or electronic locks in vehicles, buildings, homes, or other types of properties, the repair or re-keying of locks, and the creation of duplicates for keys or electronic lock cards. They could also show up in response to an emergency call whenever you are locked out of your home.

– Who can give you the services you need? Try to pull together a listing of the local professionals in the Sengkeng Singapore area from either a local directory or an online web search. Ask about all of the services that they offer and then limit your choices down to about two to three people that are nearby. Ask online or call about which provider will give you the exact services that you need at a great price, and from there you can start to compare all of the options.

If you are stuck in an emergency situation, you can look for a provider that is able to respond to your need immediately. Whenever the service that you want is not urgent in nature, you can find out which locksmith is able to come at a convenient, scheduled time.

– Take the time to look for providers that your insurance covers. You could have a homeowners insurance or automobile insurance membership that will cover the expenses for repair or installing locks, as well as the occasional lockout service. If the services that you need are covered, these institutions may have their own list of providers that you can see at a discounted rate after you are able to provide proof of membership. Just be sure that you find out whether or not there is any pre-authorization that is necessary in order to be covered.

– What will the total cost for services be? If you do not have coverage by your insurance provider, you need to be ready to pay for the total expense out of your own pocket. Be sure that you are never paying any unnecessary expenses or bogus charges by looking over a detailed bill.

– Always ask for the credentials of any service provider before proceeding. Some of these professionals will have their license handy to show their customers that they are fully authorized for the services you are in need of. You can also ask just how long they have been in the locksmith business. The more experience they have, the better off you will be.

Once everything is said and done, you can relax and let the locksmith professional do their job. Taking the extra time to make the best selection will be exactly what you need to get the best services for the money you spend.

Office Remodeling Tips For Malaysian Businesses

Office Remodeling Tips For Malaysian Businesses

If you are getting ready to remodel an office for a company in Malaysia, it can be hard to figure out which approach is the best one to take. Try using the following tips to make your office renovation a success:

Decide Whether You Want To Hire A Professional Contractor

When it comes to how best to handle the renovations, you generally have two choices. First, you can do them yourself. This can be a cost-effective option for minor renovations. There are plenty of online guides and tutorials that can give you the information that you need to do the project correctly. Of course, there are also advantages associated with working with a professional contractor.


Although working with a contractor is far more expensive than doing the work yourself, you get the peace of mind of knowing that the job was done correctly. Additionally, the project can usually be completed much more quickly than if you try to do it on your own. This can minimize any disruptions to your work schedule.

When deciding which company to hire, spend some time browsing through portfolios of renovation contractors in Malaysia. Consider reaching out to clients that a particular company has worked with in the past to find out what their experience was like. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find a company that has a great reputation and a lot of experience within the industry. This can help ensure that you get great results with your renovation project.

What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Remodeling Project?

Writing down your objectives is a great way to determine how best to renovate the space so that it will continue to meet your needs. For example, if you are planning on staying in the same building for a long time, you may need to remodel the space to accommodate any future growth. By clearly defining how you want the finished space to function, you can plan a much more successful renovation.


The more thought you can put into the “why” of your renovation, the better results you will get. For instance, the path you take for the remodeling project will be much different if you are hoping to introduce new technology to the space than it will be if you are simply looking for a way to make your office more attractive. Clearly identifying the purpose of the remodeling project can help you stay on track, both in terms of the type of work that is being done and the amount of money that you allocate for the project.

Plan Out The Renovation

Sit down and come up with a logical beginning point for the project. Carefully planning out the project from beginning to end can help you avoid running into any problems along the way. Imagine how disappointing it would be to get part way through the project only to discover that there was asbestos that needed to be dealt with. By thinking through all of the potential pitfalls ahead of time and coming up with a clear schedule for the renovations, you can help avoid these kinds of unexpected issues.

You should also hire a company to carefully inspect the office before you begin work on the project. This can help you discover any potential problems that could disrupt your schedule. As long as you stick with these suggestions, your remodeling project for your office in Malaysia should go according to plan.