Automatic Gates Can Develop Problems That Call For Repairs

Properties that are fenced need to have gates installed to allow entry and exit. In a home, where gates are not attended, as they will be in bigger properties or establishments, you need to get down from your car, open the gate, drive out, again stop and close the gate before you leave. The same procedure has to be repeated when you come back and need to enter. This requires time and effort, and can be a problem when the weather is unkind. The installation of automatic gates allow you do this with just the touch of a button, from inside your car, or by swiping a card while you remain seated in the car.

Automatic gates require the installation of mechanisms that will help in the closing and opening of gates, in the form of tracks, motors with devices to push and pull the gates, power connections, and remote controls and sensing devices. All this requires the use of technology and like all such sophisticated devices are not foolproof, and can have their own problems.

A common complaint is that automatic gates create large amounts of noise, indicating that some parts of the moving mechanism of the gate are grinding against another and will get worn out if not repaired. Repairs will require the mechanism to be taken apart and reassembled after cleaning and greasing, or a worn out part replaced.

Remote controls not working is another defect that requires to be tackled. These gates use sensors that trigger the working of the gate, and if these are blocked the gate will not operate. Cleaning the sensors and cleaning the inside of the gate will have the sensor functioning again. This problems can also be caused by mold and moss, as gates are exposed to the weather and suffer the consequences of dampness.

Power is constantly needed for the operation of autogate system and any power outage will render its operating mechanism inoperable. Check for fuses which most gates will have, and put them back in working condition. This is something that you can even do yourself. Automatic gates need you to have remote controls to activate the sensors and these controls. They are small devices with buttons that work on batteries, and emit a red light directed at the sensors when the buttons are pressed. Batteries have limited power, and once this is depleted,the remote control will not emit that light. Replace the batteries, and your gates should work once again. Remotes themselves sometimes become defective and need to be replaced.

Gate tracks can get filled with debris and dirt and obstruct the smooth working of the automatic gates. Make it a point to constantly and regularly clean the tracks, so that this problem does not require you to call in the repairman.

You should be able to manually operate gates if there is no power or if the remote is not working. If you cannot do this, there is a definite problem that needs auto gate expert that are best left to the original installers, or professionals who have the experience to do this.

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